Humane Society of the
United States

The Humane Society of the United States is a non-profit organization that fights for ALL animals. Before I began this project, the Humane Society of the United States lacked an overall brand voice, their colors were confusing and inconsistent, and the logo was too busy. Therefore, I knew from the start that I wanted to create a brand that was friendly, uplifting, trustworthy and would reflect their mission.


Graphis New Talent 2020 Silver Publication Award


My goal for this rebrand was to create a logo that was more scalable, readable, and sophisticated. I also wanted the logo to represent ALL animals in order to reflect the USHS's mission. What I ended up creating is a combination of the initials h and s (for Humane Society) which come together in an abstract way to form a generic animal nose and a subtle heart.


I wanted the deliverables I created to make sense with the overall brand and I wanted them to actually be useful as well. I chose to make a t-shirt for volunteers to wear or to be given as a thank you gift to those who donate to the cause. The bandana was a fun way for me to include the animals and give them something to wear home after getting adopted! For the website, my goal was to make it more centered around volunteering AND donating.
I also created a brochure as an educational print material to inform people about the causes that USHS fights for.


This rebrand ended up creating something more personal and focused on success stories rather than numbers and statistics that did not convey the great impact that the USHS is actually making. Which, I think will make people more likely to get involved knowing that their donation or volunteer hours are actually making a difference.