Squidlets Swim Academy

Squidlets Swim Academy is where kids go to learn how to swim and have fun! We offer swim classes for children aged 2 months to 12 years, swim summer camps, competitive swim teams, special needs programs, and family swim nights! Squidlets branding is friendly, trustworthy, and most importantly, fun!


After doing some research on existing swim schools, it was important to me to create a brand that was fun, playful, and trustworthy. I also wanted to keep the branding consistent / cohesive but still fun and engaging for the kiddos. It was also very important for the squid to be readable as not only a squid but also as a q.


Since this is a swim school, I thought it was important to create deliverables that would make sense and would be utilized by the children. I decided to do a swim towel and a drawstring backpack for the kids to store/transport their towel in. Thanks to a little online shopping and heat transfer vinyl, I was able to create physical deliverables that I had mocked up on my computer. And of course, my niece Maggie was the perfect model for this project!
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