The Goods

Packaging / Branding
The Goods is a company that focuses on reducing single–use plastics in daily routines. Our reusable and refillable packaging saves plastic from entering landfills or the ocean. Not only that, but we also take pride in using all-natural ingredients and we never use harsh chemicals. The Goods branding is bright, friendly, and is guaranteed to stand out on any shelf!


Plastic Pollution is a huge issue in our world. So much so that it rains plastic in some parts of the world and is killing our oceans. Simple changes in people's everyday routine can make a huge difference, such as switching to a refillable deodorant so deodorant containers never have to be thrown out again! At The Goods it is our passion to not only educate the public about the harmful effects of plastic but to provide them with stylish and affordable ways for them to reduce plastic waste in their lives.


Just because a product is natural and good for the environment shouldn't mean that the branding has to automatically be boring. That's why at The Goods we pride ourselves in making products that not only help our consumers reduce plastic waste in their lives but that are also stylish and exciting.